American River College Students Walk Out Of Class Over Professor’s Comments

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Shilo David Helman is a veteran and a student at American River College but he’s about to fail Art History.

“He told me I’m the problem with America,” Helman said of his class yesterday.

That’s when Helman walked out of his Art History class along with other students during a lecture on an art installation by Ann Hamilton. According to Helman, the representation of blood on the walls led his teacher to say veterans have blood on their hands. It’s an attack Helman says got personal.

“I told him how proud I was to be a veteran and that I go to do a job and defend this nation,” Helman said.

The college is now investigating. In a statement, their spokesman said they are looking very carefully into the allegation that their grievance office had already begun to meet with students.

But these aren’t the first students to complain about Professor Tom Brozovich. On “,” students from past classes anonymously call him a liberal extremist, and extremely derogatory.

It’s all coming to a head at a time when colleges value vets, and the guaranteed government tuition they bring. ARC’s spokesman points out the resources on that campus for Helman and and the 1000 other veteran students there like him: special programs to get them into the workforce quickly, including training programs with SMUD and PG&E.

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