SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The City of Sacramento said it added an appeals process to the ordinance requiring new buildings to run on electricity instead of gas. 

Buildings with three or fewer stories will need to meet the electrification requirements beginning 2023, and buildings taller than that will need to meet them starting 2026. 

Those requirements do not affect existing buildings. And in some cases, it could also not apply to certain parts of new buildings. According to the city, there will be limited exemptions for building permit applications filed on or before Dec. 31, 2025:

  • A limited exemption for ground floor food establishments for cooking equipment only.
  • A limited exemption for manufacturing process loads only within a manufacturing or industrial facility.
  • A limited exemption for regulated affordable housing when virtual net energy metering is not available, for water heating only.

An Infeasibility Waiver Process was also added to exempt new buildings from being all-electric. In order to be exempt, it would have to be shown that a portion of the building would not be able to be powered only by electricity.

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