Auburn Couple Loses Lifetime of Memories in Minutes

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A day after their house went up in flames, Robin Hunsinger and her her husband slowly walked through the charred area that once used to be their home.

“My friends, Caroline and Jeff say it’s just a pile of sticks and we can rebuild. But it’s the little things…parents wedding rings, baby blankets,” said Robin.

A lifetime of memories, lost in just a few minutes.

Robin and Don were in their Twin Pines Trail home in Auburn Wednesday evening when they saw smoke outside. Moments later, the fire alarm went off.

“Don was screaming, get out, get out, get out,” said Hunsinger.

Robin and Don quickly saved the things that mattered the most.

“I was looking for the dogs, and they’re all fine,” said Robin.

CAL Fire and Placer County Firefighters rushed to put out the blaze, but there was little they could save. Flames quickly swallowed the home that Robin and Don built about 15 years ago.

It’s unclear why the fire started, but CAL Fire says they’re seeing more fires this year than ever before. They have advice for everyone on what they can do to slow down a fire or prevent it altogether.

“A hundred feet of defensible space. The first thirty feet of your house needs to be clean and green. Needs to be clear of all the dead and dying vegetation and grasses or to have green in place of it. [In] the full 100 feet the trees need to be limbed up and the dead grasses need to be cut down,” says CAL Fire spokesperson Lynne Tolmachoff.

Robin and Don say they plan on rebuilding, and at the end of the day, she’s okay losing the home.

“I love this house, we built it. But I’m okay losing the house. It’s just the little things…” says Robin.



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