Doctors Say Azalya Anderson is Brain Dead After Being Shot in the Head

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SACRAMENTO -- Azalya Anderson remains at UC Davis Medical Center. Her parents say they've been told that there is no brain activity; but they intend on fighting to keep their 3-year-old on life support.

"I got so many memories of her. Me and her. I had a connection with her. She's so goofy just like me," said Juan Lomax Jr, Azalya’s brother.

Jasmine Anderson, Azalya’s sister, said "she is so funny. She has a great personality. She'll make you laugh when you're crying."

And crying is exactly what the family has been doing since Azalya was shot in the head inside her home Tuesday night; the result of a drive-by shooting.

Since then, she's been on life support. The family says that hospital staff never informed them until late last night that Azalya had no brain activity, that she is considered brain dead.

UC Davis confirmed that Azalya was declared brain dead at 1:02 a.m. Saturday morning, following two separate exams conducted Friday and Saturday morning.

A prepared statement from the hospital states:

"To declare brain death, the State of California requires that two physicians independently make the determination in exams spaced at least 12 hours apart.”

Upon her arrival to UC Davis, Azalya's family was informed that her injuries were not survivable.

"False hope. I haven't met, not one neurologist. I haven't met not one. Absolutely, I haven't even seen a CAT scan. I didn't know where the damage was to her brain. I didn't know any of that. I've been holding on to false hope this whole time, with no answers or anything," expressed Azalya’s mother, Paula Anderson.

Referring to an ill-timed question posed by the medical staff, Azalya’s step-father, Darnell Grey said, "you have the nerve to ask... ‘I know that this is an inappropriate time to ask, but would you guys like to donate her organs?’"

The family says the hospital told them Azalya will be taken off life support by Monday - a plan the family says they'll fight.

"The fight. This is for my daughter. I'm not giving up... Nobody should have to go through this," said the mother.

Meanwhile, whoever shot Azalyea is still out there.

"Whoever shot my sister, is a coward for that," stated Enrique Sanchez. "They could've gone about it in another way," he said about the drive-by.

If you'd like to donate to Azalya's family, you can do so visiting their GoFundMe page.


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