Beloved Comic Book Store Closing After 44 Years in Business

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MODESTO — William Allen only has three weeks left to sell comic books.

“I kinda took this place for granted, ’cause I thought it would always be here,” said customer Tylor King.

Bonanza Books and Comics in Modesto is closing at the end of December.

But it’s closing for a good reason.

“We hate to give it up, we’ve made so many friends,” said William Allen, who owns the store with his wife, Lillian.

The Allens are finally retiring after moving their castle of characters to four different locations over the last 44 years.

“It’s time for me to wrap it up,” William Allen said.

And even though the customers are very sad to see it go, they’re parting ways by geeking out.

We can call Mason Silva a geek because he’s ours. He’s a photojournalist at FOX40. And Bonanza was the first store he ever bought a comic book from.

“My interest just piqued from there, and I told all my friends, and we came here almost every other weekend, any chance we got,” Silva said.

It was the same story for King.

“That got me into all the main stream Avengers and all that,” King said. “And now it’s gone at the end of the month.”

And now that they can’t go to the store anymore, all the guys and girls who grew up at Bonanza, well, William and Lillian sure are going to miss them.

“It’s like an extended family after a while,” William Allen said.

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