12-year-old bicyclist struck by 17-year-old driver on Sutterville Road near Freeport Boulevard

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) -- There were more flashing lights, more officers and more crime tape Tuesday morning at Sutterville Road and Mead Avenue, along with another victim added to the list of those hurt near the Land Park intersection.

A 12-year-old girl was left in critical but stable condition after being hit on her bike by a car with a 17-year-old boy behind the wheel around 7:40 a.m. Councilman Steve Hansen, who represents the District 4 neighborhood, said the girl was on her way to California Middle School.

The driver remained at the scene and the parents of both the girl and the teenage boy are helping officers with their investigation.

Sutterville Road residents Evelina Hinojosa and Stuart Bunstock were not the only ones in the area with horror stories of what they have seen, heard or almost been victims of themselves around the intersection.

"I heard the accident last week,” Hinojosa said. “I heard there was a man walking his dog that was hit right in front of our house and I heard it inside the house. It was a loud bang and then I heard a dog screaming."

Nanny Maria Gallardo said she is always afraid when trying to take her daughter to the park across the street from her house. They were in the crosswalk a month ago after having activated the walk lights when they witnessed a crash right in front of them.

“A car stops but the second car doesn't and hits the first, pushing it forward," Gallardo told FOX40 in Spanish.

One mom on Mead who did not want to be identified told FOX40 she will not let her 11-year-old walk across Sutterville to school.

"I've had to tell him no because cars don't necessarily see pedestrians crossing there," she said. "And even as a driver, I don't actually go that way unless I’m making a right-hand turn.”

Many in the neighborhood said they have tried for years to get the city council and the city's Transportation Division to pay attention to what's happening at the intersection. But they keep getting told there is too little or too much traffic for a new stoplight or a change in the speed limit.

"We don't have to stop them, we just have to slow them down and have them look up," Hinojosa said.

At Tuesday's Sacramento City Council meeting, Councilman Hansen said the flashing pedestrian beacon at the intersection was not sufficient and has asked the Public Works Department to look into better options to replace it. He said he has also asked for more traffic enforcement in the area during school hours.

Hansen said he wants a report on the intersection and has given officials a 24-hour deadline to get one to him.

The cause of the collision between the girl and teenager is still under investigation but drugs and alcohol have been ruled out.


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