Blue Turf Installed at Folsom High’s Football Field

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As if Folsom High’s football team needed another reason to go see the Bulldogs play this season.

“It’s a deep royal blue,” explains Head Coach Kris Richardson.  “It’s got the white border with the red end zones.  Our school colors are red, white, and blue so it fits right in.”

Richardson is talking about the new artificial turf  that is being put in at Folsom High School.  Instead of the traditional green, the majority of the field is a dark blue color.  So far, it’s creating quite a buzz around town.

“People keep coming up on the ridge, or in the stands and taking pictures and posting them.  The excitement in brewing,” commented Richardson.

It’s completely different than any other high school or college in Northern California.  The idea to bring it to Folsom came from the coaching staff who visited Boise State earlier this year.  The Broncos were the first to install the blue turf years ago.

“Our desire is to be unique and to give our kids some pride in the football field,” said Richardson.   “I think the amount of support we’re going to get from the students is going to be incredible.”


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