Bobby Jackson, Ref Get into it at Granite Bay Game

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The former Kings star, in a different kind of limelight, after making comments during his son’s basketball game at Granite Bay High School Tuesday.

Comments that ended the game early.

‘We had some bad calls by the ref. And Bobby was like, ‘You gonna call every call ref? Or let the kids play?’” said Justin Yeaton, a Granite Bay High player.

To which the referee responded.

“’Bobby, you wanna get kicked out?’ And Bobby’s like, ‘I’m not getting kicked out unless you call the cops,’” Yeaton said.

One Bella Vista High School mom felt Jackson pushed it too far.

“It was Bobby over the top. This is a young men`s high school basketball game … We are all adults here. Parents should be mentors to these children. To learn respect, the game … Sportsman-like conduct.”

And Jackson said he knows all about being sportsman-like. He was there to not only support his son, but the other players as well.

“I don’t know what to tell you, but I’m a dedicated dad. I love my kids, and what happened yesterday … I don`t know why it happened. But I told the ref to make good calls, and he said get out the gym,” Jackson said.

Jackson eventually did leave, but not before some uncomfortable moments for the crowd.

“So they’re both waiting for like two minutes or so. And the ref blows the whistle and like that’s game,” Yeaton said. “Bobby leaves the building he’s like, ‘don’t rob the kids. Don’t rob the kids.’”

Yeaton feels like the eventual outcome was the ref’s fault.

“He’s not supposed to listen to the crowd,” Yeaton said.

The Bella Vista mom feels otherwise.

“I felt he [Jackson] was using his position as a [former] Kings player. And he went too far.”


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