Brawl Forces Stoppage of High School Football Game

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The brawl during the football game between Grace Davis and James Enochs High Schools was so shocking students were still tweeting and posting pictures about it 24 hours later.

And after watching a night of over the top aggression on the football field Friday,  FOX40 found some James Enochs high school students opting for a more peaceful night at the school play.

But on their way in they were still thinking about what happened at the game.

“He was running and he was going to make a touch down and all of a sudden you see some player from Davis grab chad and just pulls him down out of no where. I think there were two players from Davis if I am not mistaken and then you see just all of the players just running in,” said James Enochs High School Senior, Alejandra Villasenor.

“They were like in shock when it happened,” said James Enochs High School Freshman, Eden Bettencourt.

After the brawl, the referees issued a call of bad sportsmanship, cancelled the game and sent everyone home.

“I thought it was totally crazy that something like that happened,” said James Enochs High School Freshman, Kristy Kelland.

One relative who dropped of their student for the school play remained outraged by the players conduct on the field.

“I think its terrible that they don’t teach better sportsmanship and I hope that they suspend the students involved because It think it’s terrible you know if they can’t learn to uh play a game without fighting well then they shouldn’t be playing it,” said concerned relative, Lauren Ogbourne.

Ogbourne even went as far as to say she thinks everyone should be held accountable for what happened including the coaches.

This was Ogbourne’s opinion, but most of the students who attended the game told FOX40 this was a heat of a moment episode no one, not even the coaches would have been able to control.

Coaches from both schools issued statements of remorse immediately after the game but declined further comment today.

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