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Governor Brown has announced that the so-called “prison emergency” is over, he said at a late Tuesday morning press conference.

In his legal filing, Brown has sought to remove a federally-imposed inmate cap for California prisons. The cap was handed down thanks to problems the federal government found with inmate health care.

As Brown has said, the state has spent “billions of dollars” to address the problem.

The problems – like overcrowding, lack of health care and lack of mental health care – were acknowledged by the Governor. But, he notes that all the problems have been addressed.

“[We’ve] gone from serious constitutional problem to one of the finest prison systems in the United States. Most of the people in prison get far better care for mental health problems or physical well-being inside the prison then they’ll get when released on the streets,” Governor Brown said.

The reports the state have been forced to file have become “nitpicky” and superfluous, Brown noted.

“By the way, very few people have read these. I doubt if anybody on earth has read all of them. And yet we’re paying for them,” Brown said.

Numbers released by the governor’s office show that the state’s prison population has dropped significantly since 2006.