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Today marks one year since the Burgess brothers opened their restaurant across from Sacramento City College on Sutterville Road.

“[The year] actually flew by. It’s been a huge learning process. Struggle? I’d say it’s been a whirlwind,” said Jonathan Burgess.

It’s a whirlwind that helped establish some faithful burger-lovers last year, despite the hardships of starting a new business.

“The first year is really the hardest, especially not being in the business,” Jonathan said.

The identical twins come from public service—Matthew a CHP officer and Jonathan a Sacramento City firefighter.

“With him a CHP officer and myself a firefighter, we put our heads together and, there you have it,” said Jonathan.

“I’m getting slammed. It’s fun though. It’s great,” Matthew Burgess said.

“I get to spend time with my brother. It’s made us come closer together. Hasn’t it, brother?” asked Jonathan.

“Absolutely,” replied Matthew.

So what’s the secret to their successful first year?

Jonathan pointed to his brother.

“I’ve got to thank this guy right here. He does a lot, my twin brother. And our employees as well,” Jonathan said.

“I have to thank my wife. Without her, I couldn’t do this. I thank her and I thank God,” said Matthew.