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STOCKTON — A burglar was caught on surveillance cameras of the Karl Ross Post in Stockton — he can be seen slithering around the perimeter of the main hall and snatching not one, but two, $12,000 piano keyboards.

Military veteran volunteers FOX40 spoke to are fed up.

“We’re veterans. A lot of our veterans suffer from PTSD, and it really angers them that they fought for the country,” Henry Adame, the Honor Guard Captain with the post said.

Volunteers told FOX40 the burglars broke into the post twice over the weekend. They said, a man cut off the vent cover located outside of the building and somehow managed to squeeze himself in around 3:30 Sunday morning. Once inside, he stayed low, even rolled around on a dolly to avoid setting off the alarm.

Nineteen hours later, the guy was back. This time, he cut the lock off the fridge and took some cases of beer. But this time, his getaway wasn’t so quiet.

“Their first mistake was to open the door that triggered the alarm,” Henry Adame explained.

The post has been broken into repeatedly over the last three years. Once through the ceiling, another through the side, the latest, through the bottom of the building.

Volunteers say the burglar in the latest break-in also destroyed motion detectors and cut security lines.

“Hard to take, it really is. And I feel really bad for the veterans because they have to deal with it,” volunteer Mary Adame said.

Despite the frustration, volunteers remain focused on their mission of helping fellow veterans.

“We will regroup. This won’t stop us from moving on,” volunteer Tino Adame said.

Tino Adame said their focus now is to help organize the visiting Vietnam Moving Wall’s visit, which is set for June 29 to July 3 at the Weber Point Events Center.​