Burning Man-Style Event Coming to Sacramento This Weekend

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SACRAMENTO — For over 30 years, the Burning Man festival at the end of August has celebrated individual creativity, gift-giving, community sharing and radical inclusiveness. But at $500 per ticket for the week-long event, it’s out of reach for many locals.

The Spark Festival at Miller Park this Saturday will be a Burning Man lite, making Burning Man concepts more accessible.

“We’re trying to bring in the mutant vehicles, we’re bringing in artists, we’re bringing in theme camps,” organizer Ed Fletcher said.

The layout at Miller Park also includes a spot for fire art — performers using open flames for the nighttime hours.

Burning Man’s signature event is the bonfire near the end of each gathering.

“Obviously there’s a lot of fire at Burning Man,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher says the fire art at the Spark Festival will consist of performers with fire batons, as well as displays taking place on an asphalt turning circle. There was a purposeful emphasis on fire safety and training.

“And that’s something that we’ve had to deal with after these tragedies in California,” Fletcher told FOX40.

Fire officials made sure everything was in place before granting a permit.

“The area of Miller Park, in particular, does have a lot of areas that are still high grass and active, ready to burn,” Sacramento Fire Department spokesman David Lauchner said.

Artist Sunya Whitelight is working on an interactive art piece for the Spark Festival playfully called “Purrrgoda,” so humans can get into the heads of cats.

“And we were imagining how wonderful it would be if there were a human-sized cat tree for us to climb and play in,” Whitelight said.

The Spark Festival is hoping for a modest crowd to start with and will be family-friendly during the day, but organizers have hinted that there will be more adult-oriented activities in the evening.


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