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CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (KTXL) — The city of Citrus Heights is about to get a major makeover after the city council approved a $1 billion project that will revitalize the Sunrise Mall.

“The city was actually founded based on the revenue of this mall, so back in the 70s,” explained Porsche Middleton, vice mayor of Citrus Heights.

Fast forward to 2021 where Sunrise Mall isn’t seeing as many shoppers as it used to.

Sunday was Diana Macken’s first time back to the mall since last year.

“It’s dead and it’s closed and it’s almost noon,” Macken told FOX40.

And shoppers like Toni Stein believe something has to change.

“It has a ways to go, but there’s so much potential here now,” Stein said.

City officials hope the revitalization project will bring people back to the mall.

“This is about 95 acres and every single stitch of it will be developed, a lot new green space, a lot of community spaces where people can sit down and talk, walkability, transportation, every single tool in our toolbox to make this the new downtown of Citrus Heights,” Middleton said.

Last week, the Citrus Heights City Council unanimously approved the Sunrise Tomorrow specific plan.

Middleton said the city is hoping to get some grants to help with the $1 billion price tag.

“We’re talking about mixed-use, residential, hotels, making it so that you can invite tech companies,” Middleton said.

The plan is broken up into four different phases over the course of 20 years.

Middleton said the city is hoping to kick off phase one by late next year by adding residential space.

“This has been long overdue, and the city has had opportunity to really take control of how development’s going to happen in this community and making sure we’re supporting the business owners and giving the community a real voice,” Middleton said.

And with a good portion of the mall already vacant, shoppers like Stein are on board.

“Pouring all of that money into this mall, it’s going to really pop,” Stein said.

City officials are looking for community input and said their plans are tentative to change based on what residents want to see.

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