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MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Modesto assisted senior living facility could be shut down by the state after receiving dozens of complaints and citations. 

Ron Hannink recorded video while visiting his 98-year-old grandmother in March 2020 at Pacifica Senior Living in Modesto. In the video, Hannink complained about the living conditions. She died later that year.

“I noticed that the clothes she was wearing wasn’t even her clothes. They were even urine-soaked and smelled,” Hannink recalled.

He told FOX40 he immediately filed complaints with several state agencies. 

“It was horrifying because I never expected to see anything like that,” Hannink said.

The California Department of Social Services is now in the process of revoking the facility’s license.

The complaint lists 79 citations given for violations, such as failure to report the sexual assault of one of its residents to law enforcement, along with the repeated failure to report residents’ falls to their families.

“I learned later from reports that she’d had some falls, but I was never contacted,” Hannink said.

The state is also seeking to revoke the license of former executive director Deborah Lucas.

A former contract caregiver, who wished to remain anonymous, told FOX40 that residents were living in poor conditions and the former and current directors are to blame.  

“I left because it was emotionally and just physically too much,” said the former contract employee. “They had no regard for the residents. It was terrible, poor conditions. There are good caregivers who do care, but because of management not giving us the resources we needed, it was taking from the residents.”

The new executive director declined to go on camera, but she told FOX40 that the facility’s lawyers are currently in settlement talks with the state where they would be able to remain open but be placed on probation. 

“They don’t deserve a second chance. They should be held accountable criminally for what they’ve done to these people,” said the former contract caregiver.

Hannink said he hopes the state intervenes to ensure current and future residents at Pacifica Senior Living get the care they deserve. 

“Do I want to see that particular facility shut completely down? No, but I would like to see new ownership, new management,” Hannink said.