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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Gov. Gavin Newsom kicked off his anti-recall campaign Tuesday in Sacramento.

Though there is still time for those who signed his recall petition to remove their signatures if they wish, Newsom says he’s treating this recall as if it will officially be on the ballot later this year.

“We are a ‘no’ on the recall,” California Professional Firefighters President Brian Rice said.

Newsom was joined by the California Professional Firefighters and the International Association of Fire Fighters.

“This recall is ridiculous, simply put,” IAFF President Edward Kelly said. It’s a travesty for the people of California.”

Tuesday’s event kicked off what will be months of events to convince Californians to keep Newsom in office.

“And we look forward to beating this thing this year,” Newsom said.

Newsom maintains the recall is a Republican-led effort and a waste of millions in taxpayer dollars.

“These folks don’t believe in science, let alone climate science,” Newsom told reporters. “They don’t believe in science behind this pandemic. There’s a lot at stake for Californians in this race.”

Earlier in the day, standing next to a live bear, Republican candidate for governor John Cox launched his own statewide tour.

During the event, Cox likened himself to a bear and compared Newsom to a parrot, claiming the governor talks with little action.

“Newsom checks all the boxes on politics. He talks a good game on diversity and inequality, but really and truly, he’s made life worse for people and unequal in many ways,” Cox said.

Another Republican candidate, Caitlyn Jenner released her own 3-minute ad on social media, calling herself a “compassionate disrupter.” She has yet to release any policy proposals.

“Now I enter a different kind of race, perhaps my most important one yet,” she tweeted.

Newsom says he’s not focused on what his opponents are doing, but on vaccine distribution and economic recovery.

“That’s where our focus is, my focus is, our campaign is focused on defeating this recall,” he said.

Newsom did not say if there is a preferred date or time of year he’d like to see the election. Californians are still months away from knowing when exactly the election will take place.