TRUCKEE, Calif. (KTXL) — Diver Nick Rinn recounted the moment when he found what’s believed to be the silver CRV of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni, and the remains inside also believed to be her.

The recent Truckee graduate went missing after attending a party at the Prosser campgrounds on Aug. 6.

Based in Oregon, the Adventures with Purpose search and recovery team scoured Prosser Lake on Sunday, putting two small and narrow boats equipped with sonar in the water. About 35 minutes after getting in the water, Rinn made a discovery.

“It’s an emotional moment for sure, especially when I first dropped down. The first thing I saw was the vehicle upside down. I looked at the license plate, could tell right away this was the vehicle that we were looking for,” Rinn told FOX40. “So the next step at that point, in my mind, is you have to mentally prepare yourself as you’re doing the vehicle assessment, for what you may see.”

“Nick was able to identify it was her vehicle and that there were human remains within the vehicle,” Dough Bishop, team leader, said.

From there, they notified the family and law enforcement.

“We notified family, and dad and grandpa were there less than two minutes,” Bishop said. “It was tough. It was very, very tough. Very tough moment. You know, I myself have a 16-year-old. He knows his 16-year-old daughter is not coming home.” 

FOX40 went along with Adventures with Purpose on Saturday, as they searched Donner Lake and surrounding areas for Kiely.

Multiple dive teams had searched Prosser Reservoir unsuccessfully for days.

“We’re really good at what we do. It’s really rare. There aren’t many that have the skill set that we do. And I knew for a fact if she was indeed underwater we would find her 100%,” Bishop said.

To date, they’ve solved 24 cases since 2019. The team operates on a shoe-string budget, able to search across the country at the request of dozens of families, looking for missing loved ones.

It’s unclear who, if anyone, will receive the $75,000 reward which was offered for information to help find Kiely.

“We’re not reward hunters. We’re volunteers. If the reward is given to us, we will honor it. But we are in no way going to pursue it. We don’t want to be perceived that way, nor will we ever. Could it be used? Absolutely. Something like that could help us, help a lot of families,” Bishop said.