As the West Coast burns, California struggles to find help from out of state

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — After 50 new wildfires sparked in California, firefighters have been stretched even thinner as they work to contain hundreds of active wildfires.

They face even more challenges now as they try to bring help from out of state while other West Coast states burn.

“We’re all competing for wildland, fire specific resources,” said California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Chief Brian Marshall. “So, it does provide a challenge. It’s a challenge to all the states affected right now.”

Marshall said even a few weeks ago as the state’s second and third largest wildfires burned simultaneously, California could not get all of the out-of-state fire engines it requested through federal programs.

For now, Marshall said crews from Idaho, New Mexico, Texas and Utah are helping California on the frontlines with requests into any and all available states.

State leaders Wednesday asked for help from as far as Quebec.

All of this with still months left in fire season, with possibly even more extreme fire danger.

“It’s going to be more houses destroyed, more people impacted,” Marshall explained. “As we go into that fall fire season we have great concerns to be able to meet the demand that we have here in California.”

Cal OES hopes to quickly meet the critical demand scorching the state now.

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