Assembly Bill would Give Counties Discretion over Hunting Bears with Dogs

California Connection
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Could county supervisors have the power to allow hunting bears with dogs in the near future?

That possible scenario comes on the heels of Wednesday night’s recommendation by the Placer County Fish and Game Commission to support Assembly Bill 2205, which would overturn some parts of the hound-hunt ban from 2012.

Under the amended bill, Placer or any of the 58 Counties in the State of California would be able to hold a hearing to determine whether or not to allow the use of dogs during a specified hunting season.  Already about a third of the Counties say they are in support of AB 2205, but the fight is far from decided.

“We had more public safety concerns in 2013 than we’ve ever had before,” Bill Gaines, a legislative advocate involved in the pro-AB 2205 campaign, told FOX40. “Bears have literally been on the news every week, if not every night.”

“Hound hunting is not a remedy for a problem,” Placer County resident Marilyn Jasper said.  “There is a lot that can go wrong when you are hound hunting, and the hounds are miles out.  It’s not as clean and pretty as the hounds men would have us believe.”

Supporters though of AB 2205 say it could help reverse some of the negative impact left over from the current 2-year-old ban.

“The bear take is nowhere what it used to be by hunters, and the bear population is spiraling upwards even quicker,” said Gaines.  “We have no way to effectively manage those bears and the public safety concerns and damage they are causing.”


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