Brown Optimistic about Historic 4th Term

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Governor Jerry Brown met with the media in his Sacramento office Wednesday and said he was grateful to serve a fourth term as governor.

“I really appreciate the vote of confidence voters have given me for a fourth term,” Brown said.

Seated at the head of the signature picnic bench he has in his office, Brown said he was especially encouraged by the passage of Propositions 1 and 2, the water bond that addresses the drought and the approval of a rainy day fund for state emergencies and economic downturns.

Both propositions had the backing of Democrats and Republicans and he said he hopes that cooperation carries over into his new term.

“The massive support for propositions as important as 1 and 2 I think betoken real opportunity for a government that earns and enjoys widespread support and consensus,” Brown said.

Brown acknowledged that low voter turnout is a sign of a disinterested electorate. He said he hopes to change that.

“I’m going to do my best to make the politics of California understandable and based on common sense and making things work that renews public confidence and faith in government,” Brown said.

He joked that he’s been criticized in his previous stints as Governor and he said that won’t change. He said governors have to adjust to unknown problems and crises that bedevil each administration.

He did say he will try to strike a balance between holding the line on spending and trying to support democratic attempts to better the plight of Californians. He said it was like stepping on the brakes and hitting the accelerator at the same time.

“Combining the hopes of what government can do with while putting reins on what it should not do will define a lot of what I’m going to do in the next four years and will determine how successful it will be,” said Brown.

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