Bunny Ranch Worker Fighting for Child Custody, Says She’s Done Nothing Illegal

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Alicia Stapleton, also known as Allie Marie to her costumers at the Bunny Ranch in Reno, makes no apologies about her career.

“I don’t have a problem with who I am or what my job is. People are entitled to their opinion on what they feel a hooker or a prostitute is, but I don’t get stuck in stereotypes,” says Stapleton.

Stapleton was arrested in July on prostitution charges, but that wasn’t why her case was so unusual. Robert Knight, a then-Fresno Police officer, was accused by his own department of pimping her on a Craigslist ad in Fresno.

But Stapleton says she only ever did sex work in at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, where she is licensed and legal.

“As of right now, the DA has not filed on either one of us,” said Stapleton.

But if Stapleton isn’t facing any charges in a Fresno criminal court, she’s having plenty of problems in an El Dorado County family court. She says her ex-husband has used her job to argue, successfully, why she should have only limited, supervised visits with her children.

“They have absolutely no reason, legally, to take my kids away from me. Other than not liking my job,” said Stapleton.

She says she’s done nothing illegal, isn’t facing criminal charges, and can work whenever she chooses, and her kids only know her as “Mom” when she’s with them.

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