Butte County Man’s House Survives Camp Fire, Flash Flooding

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BUTTE COUNTY -- In Butte County, heavy rains on the Camp Fire’s burn area caused major mud slides. Friday, many had to dig out of the mud.

Some homes were surrounded by mud and water.

Mike Bassi, lives on Honey Run Road. He says, he’s counting his blessings; his home is still standing, surviving first the Camp Fire.

“Three weeks ago, on Thursday night at 4:30, they came and told me to evacuate because of the fire. Last night at 4:30, they came and told me to evacuate because of a flood. And I think this is getting old,” expressed Bassi.

Bassi says his “windows got shattered from the heat” of the Camp Fire and last night, Bassi and his home were almost caught in a flash flood.

“I saw a river going across the road there that was about 4 feet high,” Bassi said.

There’s usually a creek that goes under the street but, they say yesterday that was just a wall of water.

“It looked like a water main had broken with rocks and logs and projectiles flying everywhere” said Bassi.

Luckily, Bassi says his house was not in the water’s path.

But, for a minute there, Bassi thought his home was spared by fire only to be brought down by flood waters.

“It started coming this way, and there was already water all around our house, so I thought ‘oh this is it,’” he said.


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