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SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers are in the middle of discussing a new bill that would introduce a third gender option to California IDs.

SB179, the Gender  Recognition Bill, would allow a third gender marker, “non-binary,” in addition to male and female on state IDs and legal documents.

Ben Hudson from the Gender Health Center tells FOX40 how difficult it currently is to change gender on legal documents.

He says this bill will break down some of the barriers that prevent non binary identifying people from living their truest lives.

Transgender people currently have to get a doctor to write a letter validating their medical treatment for transition. This new bill would eliminate that criteria, allowing people to self validate what gender they identify as, male female or non-binary.

Other people believe the language in the bill could result in unintended and dangerous outcomes.

Jonathan Keller from the California Family Council says his group is concerned that the ease of making this change will allow straight males to change their gender markers on IDs to gain access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms. They also believe children will be at risk of having their gender changed against their will.

There will be an Assembly hearing on July 10.