California Catholics Pray for Rain

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As Father Jim Murphy reads from his prayer book during Tuesday evening mass at the Immaculate Conception Church in Sacramento, there’s one prayer that serves as an addition to his usual service – a prayer for rain.

In fact, Catholics across the state will be hearing similar prayers this week after the California Catholic Conference sent a letter to parishes throughout California, calling on them to pray for rain.

“It’s a reminder that God is the lord of nature, and we are very dependent on God, despite the advances
of technology,” Murphy said Tuesday.

According to data, Sacramento gets nearly 20 inches of rain in a normal year but in 2013, it rained
barely 6 inches.

“It’s kind of scary,” Murphy said.

So far, there’s no machine or technology that can make rain fall out of thin air so, for now, Murphy says we can only hope and pray.

Several parishes in the Sacramento region will be holding special drought masses on Sunday.


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