SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — California launched a new program that is giving out hundreds of dollars to low-income public school students for their college education.

The program is through CalKIDS, and it is using $1.9 billion to create accounts for students who are between 1st and 12th grade.  Newborns born on or after July 1, 2022, will also be getting money put into an account.

“With up $1,500, we’re transforming lives, generating college-going mindsets, and creating generational wealth for millions of Californians,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said.

Students will be eligible for up to $1,500. Their CalKIDS account will automatically get $500. Students who are identified as foster youth will be eligible for an additional $500, and those who are identified as homeless will get $500 as well.

Newborns will get $25 deposited into a CalKIDS account as seed money, and they can get an additional $25 when parents register on the program’s online portal. If a card or an existing ScholarShare 529 saving account is linked to the CalKIDS account, their account will get another $50.

To find out if your child Is eligible, you can check with their Statewide Student Identifier at the CalKIDS website.

For newborns, CalKIDS will not yet have information on them until about 90 days after their birth. Parents can also check with their local birth registrar if their newborn was registered with the California Department of Public Health.