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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Governor Gavin Newsom announced more incentives as a part of the California Comeback Plan in San Francisco on Monday morning.

On Tuesday, the day of California’s grand reopening, 10 more vaccinated residents will be selected to win $1.5 million each as part of the state’s “Vax for the Win” program.

Over 21 million people in California were entered to win $50,000 cash prize drawings and 30 have been selected, including two in Sacramento County.

There will also be a drawing on July 1 for six Californians to get a California “dream vacation,” which will include lodging, food and entertainment, as well as $2,000 toward a trip to a destination in the state.

California has seen a 14% increase in vaccinations since the incentives were first announced. Just over 70% of California’s eligible population has received at least one shot, Newsom said.

There will also be more prizes to come for people who got vaccinated from partners like the Warriors and the Clippers.

The goal is to boost the tourism industry, which has been hit extremely hard during the pandemic. Tourism revenue in the state plummeted $80 billion from 2019 to 2020.