California establishes partnership with Bloom Energy to refurbish ventilators

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Governor Gavin Newsom toured the Bloom Energy ventilator refurbishing site in Silicon Valley Friday. Through a partnership with the state, Bloom Energy has transformed its production facility to quickly refurbish life-saving ventilators. 

“It is a very enlivening thing to be here at Bloom, to be here at Silicon Valley, to be here in the heart of innovation,” said Newsom. 

Government officials across the world and here in California are desperately trying to find enough ventilators to support hospitals. 

“It’s one thing to procure new equipment. It’s another to refurbish old equipment,” said Newsom. “And the challenge for all of us across this nation is to do so with a sense of urgency.”

Ventilators are helping patients breathe when they can’t do it on their own. 

“One treatment that we know works are ventilators. And the one treatment we have at our disposal are ventilators,” said Newsom. 

Initially, the state had around 7,500 ventilators in the hospital system but they are looking to add 10,000 more. So far, Newsom says the state has identified 4,250 ventilators. 

“Of those 4,250 ventilators, over a 1,000 need to be refurbished,” explained Newsom. 

Bloom Energy issued a statement about its partnership with the state:

We are working with state agencies and customers — many of which are hospitals and medical device companies — to identify supplies of unused, out-of-service ventilators.

Bloom Energy

Currently, more than 5,000 people in California have tested positive for COVID-19 and 119 people have died, according to John Hopkins University. 

“So, everybody, look in your basement. Look in that old garage. If you’ve got old equipment and you wanna send it, send it our way and we’ll send it right here to this facility,” said Newsom.

More than 350 businesses have come forward to help with medical supplies and essential products, according to Newsom. 

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