California gas tax to increase July 1


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Starting Thursday July 1, the state’s gas tax will go up once again.

Back in 2017 lawmakers passed Senate Bill 1 allowing for taxes at the pump to go up annually by pennies to pay for road and bridgework.

The increase comes just before people all over our nation get away for the Fourth of July weekend.

“When it comes to gas taxes in the United States, California, unfortunately, has the highest,” said AAA spokesperson Sergio Avila. “Comparing Fourth of July and comparing it to last year we are going to see a 40% increase in travelers this year compared to last, so people are really going to start getting out there.”

In our state drivers will be trying to spy the cheapest places to fill up.

FOX40 tried to use the GasBuddy app to find a gallon of regular gas for under $4 with a credit card.

The app said one of those places was on Fruitridge Road and Florin-Perkins Road in South Sacramento. By the time the FOX40 crew arrived, the price had already gone up by $0.10.

Jaspal Gill has owned a 7-Eleven for decades, however, he said he has no say over gas prices.

“The gas is controlled by the 7-Eleven corporation and they send us the prices,” Gill said.

Gill said he doesn’t make money from gas sales, but the higher the cost of gas makes it less likely people buy stuff inside his business where he does make his revenue.

“It makes a difference, yes,” Gill said.

Sean Fatolahi said he understands that pump prices aren’t always controlled inside the store.

“People blame gas stations, they think gas stations are trying to… but if you see average gas price is about the same I know it’s not the gas station,” Fatolahi said.

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