SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed several bills into law to give more protections to those who need abortion care and birth control in California.

According to a news release from the Governor’s Office, these new laws will protect those who need abortions from “legal retaliation and prohibit law enforcement and corporations from cooperating with out-of-state entities regarding lawful abortions in California, while also expanding access to contraception and abortion providers in California.”

On Tuesday, Governor Newsom signed the following bills into law:

  • AB 2223 Protections from Criminal and Civil Liabilities: This bill will help ensure that those who endure pregnancy losses will not be criminally charged. Those who go through a miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or perinatal death will not be criminally or civilly liable.
  • AB 2091 Keeps Medical Records Private: This bill will prohibit health care providers from sharing medical information regarding an out-of-state individual seeking an abortion in California.
  • AB 1242 Prohibits Cooperation with Out-of-State Entities: This bill will prohibit law enforcement and California corporations from “cooperating with out-of-state entities regarding a lawful abortion in California,” as well as prohibiting law enforcement from arresting an individual who was having a lawful abortion in California.
  • SB 523 Expands Birth Control Access: This bill will expand birth control access regardless of insurance status by “requiring health plans to cover certain over-the-counter birth control without cost sharing.” It will also prohibit “employment discrimination based on reproductive health decisions.”
  • SB 1375 More Health Care Providers: This bill will expand training for nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives for abortion care.

“An alarming number of states continue to outlaw abortion and criminalize women, and it’s more important than ever to fight like hell for those who need these essential services. We’re doing everything we can to protect people from any retaliation for accessing abortion care while also making it more affordable to get contraceptives,” Governor Newsom said in the news release. “Our Legislature has been on the frontlines of this fight, and no other legislative body in the country is doing more to protect these fundamental rights – I’m proud to stand with them again and sign these critical bills into law.”

According to the news release, Governor Newsom also signed the following bills into law:

  • AB 657: This bill will expedite licenses for health care officials who are coming to California to provide abortion care.
  • AB 2626: This bill will prohibit “specified licensing boards from suspending or revoking a license solely for performing an abortion in accordance with the licensee’s practice act.”
  • AB 2205: This bill will require Covered California plans to report the total funds collected for abortion care annually.
  • SB 1142: This bill will require “the establishment of an abortion care services website and an evaluation of the Abortion Practical Support Fund.”
  • SB 1245: This bill will establish a reproductive health pilot project in Los Angeles County which will support innovative approaches to safeguard abortion care.
  • AB 1918: This bill will create the CA Reproductive Health Equity Program that will “recruit, train, and retain a diverse workforce of health care professionals who will provide reproductive health services in underserved areas of the state.”
  • AB 2134: This bill will establish “the CA Reproductive Health Equity Program which will provide grants to providers who provide uncompensated care to patients with low incomes and those who face other financial barriers.”
  • AB 2586: This bill will establish “the CA Reproductive Justice and Freedom Fund to support CBOs in providing comprehensive reproductive/sexual health education, inclusive of abortion care, to disproportionately impacted communities.”

According to the news release, more than $200 million was allocated to help pay for “travel costs, cover uninsured care, support health care facilities and providers, bolster security and more.”

“During this unprecedented time, I’m grateful to the Governor and the California Legislature for taking critical measures to protect a woman’s right to choose and to enshrine the right to reproductive freedom into California’s constitution,” First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom said in the news release. “No person should be denied access to contraceptive services and abortion care because of a lack of resources or a fear of retribution. And we will not accept the status quo of rendering women powerless to determine their own destiny. In California, we trust women, we believe in women, and we see their value beyond their reproductive capabilities.”