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CALIFORNIA (KTXL) — Over the Fourth of July weekend, the California Highway Patrol activated a Maximum Enforcement Period, which meant that extra officers were on duty in order to help enforce safe travel throughout California.

According to a tweet from the California Highway Patrol, during the entire Fourth of July weekend, officers made 998 arrests for driving under the influence.

The California Highway Patrol also said that 44 people died in crashes during the 78-hour Maximum Enforcement Period, which ran from Friday evening to Monday evening.

On Friday, the first night of the Maximum Enforcement Period, CHP officers had made a total of 291 for impaired driving. By Sunday, officers had arrested 853 people for driving under the influence.

In a news release from the California Highway Patrol, during the Maximum Enforcement Period officers had a special focus on speed enforcement. Officers were also on the lookout for distracted and aggressive drivers while also watching for drivers that were suspected to be driving under the influence.

“Speed is the number one factor in roadway crashes in California, causing one-third of the traffic-related deaths,” CHP Commissioner Ray said in the news release.

During the 2021 Fourth of July Maximum Enforcement Period, 43 people were killed in crashes statewide and 997 people were arrested for driving under the influence, according to the CHP. More than one-third of the victims were not wearing seatbelts when they crashed.