(FOX40.COM) — The Yuba City Police Department is asking residents to be aware of a scam involving a “dropped $20 bill” after several law enforcement agencies have received reports of adults having their debit cards stolen at grocery stores and ATMs.

According to police, the scam has been reported across California.

Suspects will first peer over the shoulder of their victims as they type their debit card’s personal identification number into a checkout keypad.

Afterward, the suspects approach the victim and hand them a $20 bill, which they allege the victim dropped.

Soon after that, the suspects approach the victim again, usually in the parking lot, and ask them to return the $20 bill.

When the victim brings out their wallet or purse, a second suspect “distracts the victim,” sometimes invading their personal space by “using exaggerated hand movements,” police say.

During that time, the first suspect will take the debit card, often without the victim noticing.

Police say that the suspects then use the card to make purchases or withdrawals.

Officials advise people to use caution when using a debit card or providing personal information in a public place.