California poll: Voters split on Prop 15, Biden leads Trump by double digits

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SAN FRANCISCO (KTXL) — A new survey released Wednesday shows likely California voters are split in their support of Proposition 15 and overwhelmingly favor Joe Biden over Donald Trump for president.

The statewide survey was conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California and featured five key findings, one of which is the split support of Proposition 15.

“Californians remain closely divided on Proposition 15 as its proponents and opponents make their closing arguments to voters over the next few weeks,” PPIC President and CEO Mark Baldassare said in a released statement.

Since 1978, California has limited tax increases to 2% a year for inflation until a property is sold. Under Proposition 15, commercial and industrial properties would be instead reassessed every three years while residential property, including home-based businesses, would remain under 1978 rules.

According to the survey, 49% of likely voters say they would vote yes on Proposition 15 and 45% say they would vote no.

Another key finding is that Proposition 16 is continuing to lag behind in voter support.

“Proposition 16 support has grown slightly but still falls short of a majority, with Democrats more in favor and most Republicans and independents opposed to the measure,” Baldassare said.

If voters approve Proposition 16, government decision-making policies will consider race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. Public agencies and programs can hire or contract and schools can admit based on those characteristics.

According to the survey, only 37% of likely voters would vote yes on Proposition 16 and 50% would vote no.

In mixed news for California politics, the survey also shows that 60% of likely voters are satisfied with how the state’s initiative process is working while 63% believe special interests have a lot of control over the process.

Overall, 55% of likely voters agree that there are too many propositions on the ballot while 82% believe the wording on the ballots are often too complicated, according to the survey.

Turning to national politics, the survey shows 58% of likely voters will choose Joe Biden as the next president over 32% supporting Donald Trump.

Among likely voters, 58% say they would vote for the Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in their district while 37% would vote for the Republican candidate and 60% would prefer a Congress controlled by Democrats while 33% percent would prefer a GOP-controlled Congress.

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