SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday that $694 million will be awarded to 35 Homekey projects.

The projects would create more than 2,500 homeless housing units in 19 communities throughout the state. 

Multiple projects are planned throughout cities in Northern California with the closest one being in Stockton.

Here is how much is being distributed to the recently announced Northern Californian Homekey sites:

  • City of Stockton: $4.1 million for 14 permanent units and one manager unit
  • San Francisco: Two awards totaling $73.4 million for a total of 221 units
  • City of Oakland: $5.6 million for 24 interim units and 10 interim youth units
  • City of Palo Alto: $26.6 million for 108 interim units
  • City of San Jose: $51.6 million for 204 interim units
  • City of Santa Rosa: Two awards totaling $24.7 million for 91 units  
  • Sonoma County: $6.3 million for 21 permanent units and one manager unit
  • City of Fresno: Four awards totaling $57.9 million for 283 units

Since the program was launched in 2020, Project Homekey has created 12,500 permanent interim homes for people experiencing homelessness, according to a press release from the Governor’s Office. 

One of those Homekey projects includes a $23.9 million Homekey grant in Sacramento. The Saramento Homekey project is the transformation of a downtown Best Western Hotel into Central Sacramento Studios. The transformative project is expected to have 92 units of permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness in Sacramento. 

The project is expected to wrap up this fall. 

“With 12,500 new homes funded in just two years, Homekey is changing lives across the state,” Newsom said in a press release Wednesday. “Homekey’s groundbreaking success is a model for the nation, showing that we can make real progress on ending homelessness in months, not years.”