The process to renew disabled parking placards in California will require a little more work in an effort to curb widespread misuse.

Beginning on June 30, California drivers who have had disabled parking placards for six or more years will need to renew it to keep placards valid.

 This is the first year the rule is in effect under Senate Bill 611, which requires placard holders to sign a form with the California DMV every six years to ensure they are still alive and need the placard, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The bill turned law, which passed in 2017, was introduced to curb the mistreatment of disabled parking placards. SB 611 passed six months after a 2017 state audit revealed that the DMV wasn’t checking to ensure people who were issued the placards still used them.

The audit also found that the department hadn’t canceled the parking permits after people died and found that some were misused by family members, the Times reported.

The California DMV breaks down how people can renew their disabled parking placards on its website and officials encourage residents to complete this form ahead of June 30.

To renew the permits, drivers can

  • Fill out the renewal form online using your Disabled Person Placard ID
  • Sign and return the mailed renewal notice to the DMV
  • Renew online with the QR code printed on the mailed form

More information about the renewal process can be found online.