SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Caltrans has a new mascot, but it doesn’t have a name — yet. 

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The agency recently launched a naming contest for its new mascot, which is an orange traffic cone. The contest is open to children from ages 5 to 18 who attend school in California. 

Whoever’s entry is selected will win prizes such as a laptop and a $500 gift card, a $500 gift card for their class, mascot t-shirts for their classmates, and a mascot visit to the winning classroom to deliver the prize, according to Caltrans.  

Caltrans mascot mascot, Caltrans logo, Caltrans
Courtesy of Caltrans

To enter, students must submit their name, age, school, teacher’s name, email, phone number, and mascot name idea. Entrants must obtain parental consent in order to be eligible for the contest. 

Only one winner per household is allowed, according to Caltrans.

Students can enter the contest here. 

Entries must be submitted by Jan. 20. After a panel of judges through submissions, a winner will get announced on Jan. 31. 

“Safety cones play a huge role here in California,” Caltrans said on the contest page. “They are important indicators for drivers to reduce speed, be extra alert, watch out — and in some cases MOVE OVER to the next lane if it is safe to do so — for highway workers, law enforcement, emergency personnel, and tow truck drivers.” 

“We think cones are important and so are you! That’s why we’re asking YOU to help us name our new cone mascot,” Caltrans continued.