(FOX40.COM) — A hiker stranded on Half Dome in Yosemite National on Thursday was rescued with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol Valley Division Air Operations H-20 team, according to the CHP.

According to the CHP, the rock climber had sustained major injuries and was in need of a rescue.

H-20 used their hoist to deploy two Yosemite Search and Rescue Helicopter Rescue Technicians onto the mountain to treat the climber and prepare them for an air lift.

The climber was then hoisted and transported to Awahnee Meadows on the valley floor where the patient was transferred to a waiting PHI Air Ambulance.

They were then transported to a trauma facility for further treatment.

H-20 is based at the Auburn Airport as part of the Valley Air Division and covers an area of 13,983 square miles where it conducts several mission types like aerial law enforcement; search and rescue; and emergency medical services.