September 24 2021 03:30 pm

CHP Looking for ‘Cheaters’ Registered Out of State

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The California Highway Patrol is asking people to report people living here with out of state license plates.

“Every year, the State of California loses millions of dollars on California residents who register their vehicles out of state or out of the country,” CHP Officer Martin Oliveros said.

The CHP says people who don’t register in California allow vehicles with low smog standards to slip through the cracks, and those lost registration fees hurt the state’s infrastructure.

“This money actually is what pays for all the programs on the roads, the construction on the freeways on the roads, educational programs for all the new drivers, also all the drivers that are already on the roads,” Oliveros said.

Officers want tips to catch violators, because checking every out of state license plate isn’t practical.

Some drivers at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Sacramento said they weren’t comfortable telling on people.

“I’m not going to tell nobody,” Westly Nance said. “No, that’s not my business.”

Others said a better solution is to reduce registration fees so that they are similar to other states.

“Make it affordable, you know?” Mike Roemhild said. “I just spent probably about $3,000 just to be able to drive my vehicle to work.”

New California citizens have just 20 days after moving to get California tags.

For more information about the CHP’s “Cheaters” program, click here.

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