(KTXL) — The California Highway Patrol will be out in full force for the Memorial Day weekend to watch out for drunken drivers. 

According to the CHP, crashes throughout the state during Memorial Day weekend in 2022 resulted in 45 deaths. It was an almost 30% increase from 2021’s Memorial Day weekend. 

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So, officers will also be on the lookout for drivers who are distracted or speeding to help minimize the number of crashes. 

In step with holiday traffic, the Maximum Enforcement Period will begin Friday at 6:01 p.m. CHP officers will then be out in full force until 11:59 p.m. Monday. 

“All available uniformed members of this Department will be on patrol during this Memorial Day MEP,” CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee said. “Our primary focus will be to enhance public safety, deter unsafe driving behavior, and when necessary, take appropriate enforcement action.” 

There were almost 900 DUI arrests during the Maximum Enforcement Period last year.

Anyone who sees a drunken driver or suspects the person may be driving under the influence should call 911. Callers should be prepared to give a description of the vehicle, the license plate number, location and direction the driver is traveling. 

“Your phone call may save someone’s life,” the CHP said.