(KTXL) — Officials are reminding drivers that they should avoid driving through flooded roadways.

Photos shared by the California Highway Patrol show cars stuck on the side of the road after they tried to drive through the flooded roads.

-Video Above: Recap of recent series of storms that hit Northern California

“’ROAD CLOSED’ signs are not recommendations and are strategically placed for your safety,” the CHP said. “We’re not trying to shame the driver. Our intention is to educate the public on the dangers of driving past a ‘ROAD CLOSED’ sign.”

Officials warn that drivers should also not try to drive across a road that is beginning to flood as the water level could reach dangerous levels before the driver gets to safety.

As part of “Turn Around, Don’t Drown,” the National Weather Service warns drivers to not go onto roads that they cannot see the condition of under the water. They also advise that 6 inches of water is enough to reach most cars and cause the driver to lose control.

“A foot of water will float many vehicles,” the NWS advises.

“Turn Around, Don’t Drown” is an initiative meant to protect people from flooded roadways.

The CHP recommends drivers search for an alternate route.