Expect Hazardous Conditions Through the Sierra Until Tuesday, Caltrans Says

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KINGVALE — The snow fall has been on and off throughout the day but, a fresh coat is starting to pile up Kingvale.

The winter storm warning didn’t stop people from traveling through the Sierra.

Dozens of drivers were pulled over on Interstate 80.

“Showed up early this morning, cars ended up pretty covered and now I’m just trying to get home,” said Ryan Mulholland.

Mulholland is a ski instructor at Boreal Mountain Resort in Soda Springs.

“Today I was expecting this because I know the big storms coming,” he said.

Mullholland and his friend Wesley Davis are now helping each other dig out their cars after snow levels around the resort continued to rise.

Back on Interstate 80, Caltrans crews set up chain control checkpoints for drivers passing through the Sierra.

Though some drivers were prepared, others… not so much, even with travel warnings.

Dylan Goldberg works at a gas station off of Interstate 80.

He says the traffic inside the store has been slow and steady.

“I’ve had a lot of people saying they’re going to Reno for the Superbowl, maybe for sports bets or just to watch it somewhere out there,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg, along with drivers braving these harsh conditions, have a warning for travelers headed toward Reno for Superbowl festivities: come prepared, bring chains and follow posted speed limit signs.

Chain controls are in effect and Caltrans officials expect hazardous conditions through Tuesday.

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