Expert shares tips for getting the most out of wildfire insurance coverage


The Dixie and Caldor fires are still devouring parts of our region after 10 and five weeks, respectively.

These fires are just two of the 7,500 blazes that have attacked California this year, and Cal Fire predicts Diablo and Santa Ana winds will remain high through December, stoking the threat for more flames to ignite.

A new state moratorium has just been enacted to keep those in or near the burn zones from losing or being denied insurance coverage.

Janet Ruiz from the Insurance Information Institute joined Sonseeahray to help homeowners get the most out of the insurance coverage they have.

“It’s easier than ever. Take your phone, your camera, take pictures of the outside, the inside. Open your closet doors, you have a lot of content in those closets. Go in your garage, most garages are filled with really important valuables that you would want to replace,” Ruiz explained. “So, do that now, don’t wait until you’re trying to evacuate. Take a video. All of these things will help you if you have a loss.”

Ruiz also emphasized the importance of asking questions when talking to your insurance adjuster.

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