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PENN VALLEY, Calif. (KTXL) — The family of a Yuba City area woman is desperate for answers after she and her ex-boyfriend went missing.

Police and family said 36-year-old Juan Almanza Zavala and 29-year-old Janette Pantoja went to Hot August Nights in Reno and planned to return the night of Aug. 7.

“Feeling like a wreck, I feel like I just have to keep looking,” Alejandra Pantoja said.

Alejandra Pantoja is worried sick about her younger sister. Janet Pantoja took what was supposed to be a day trip with her ex-boyfriend, Zavala, to Reno for the popular car show. But the two did not make it home, and now, no one knows where they are or what happened. 

“Her not coming home, it’s just surprising because she would never do that,” Alejandra Pantoja said.

The last clue as to where the two might be was in Nevada County off of Highway 20. Family said it was right off of Poker Flat Road, in the Penn Valley area, that law enforcement tried to locate them by using their cell phone. But both Nevada County deputies and family said they came went there and didn’t find anything. 

Investigators said the two were in a blue 2002 Ford Explorer, with license plate 4SNS072.  

“Just knowing like what if she’s scared, what if she’s waiting for us to find her. I don’t want to let her down,” friend Kayla Sanchez said.

Alejandra Pantoja said, despite having no information or clues, she will continue to look for her loved one.

“I just want her to know that we’re searching for her and that, hopefully, we get her home safe and that she’s OK,” Alejandra Pantoja said.

The Yuba City Police Department is leading the investigation. They said anyone with information should call them.