SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — On Tuesday, fast food workers from across California will meet at the State Capitol to demand that AB 257, otherwise known as the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, be passed.

Starting Tuesday there will be rallies, marches, and meetings with legislators to encourage their representatives and Governor Newsom to sign the bill. According to a news release, AB 257 is a landmark bill that will “protect and empower California’s half-million fast-food workers.”

According to the news release, in the coming weeks, AB 257 is expected to receive a full vote in the California Senate, and after that, it will need to be re-approved by the State Assembly, then it will head to Governor Newsom’s desk.

On Tuesday night, fast food workers will sleep in front of the Capitol in an effort to make it impossible for legislators to ignore their demands and pass AB 257.

If passed, AB 257 would give workers as well as franchisees a seat at the table and create a statewide Fast-Food Sector Council. That council would include “worker, government and industry representatives, to set minimum health, safety and employment standards across the California fast food industry.”

AB 257 would also hold large fast food companies accountable and be required to ensure safe and compliant restaurants.