(KTXL) — In order to try and identify possible victims, the FBI released the names of the social media accounts a Modesto suspect is accused of using to victimize underage girls.

Jacob Jacobsen, 27, is accused of enticing underage girls to create and send sexually explicit videos and photos through social media, according to the FBI. They released the names of the alleged accounts in order to identify possible victims. 

He allegedly used two Snapchat accounts, trippinj and treydawgg2000, and an Instagram account, loudpack.sd. The FBI said he may have used aliases such as Jacob, Jake, James or Trey and pretended to be 16 or 17 years old.

Guardians who believe their child may be a victim are asked to fill out a questionnaire on the FBI’s website — even if the information has already been given to law enforcement. Those under the age of 18 who believe they may be a victim should ask their guardian to fill out the form. 

Victims could receive restitution, eligibility for certain services and other rights under federal and/or state law. 

The identities of victims will be confidential.