Fewer State Residents Admitted to University of California

California Connection
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The number of California high school students admitted to a University of California campus has gone down again while the number from outside the state and abroad has increased.

The UC system announced Thursday that it has accepted a total of 92,324 freshmen for the fall, 67 percent of whom are California residents.

The 61,834 Californians offered a spot is 1,039 less than last year.

The number of non-residents to whom offers were extended grew to 15,173, or 3,453 more than for fall 2014.

The university has been admitting a greater share of out-of-state and international students in recent years to help bring in more revenue.

But Democratic leaders have been pressuring the system to prioritize Califronia residents in admissions decisions over higher-paying nonresidents, who now account for about 14 percent of all UC undergraduates

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