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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The final updated recall petition signature count is expected to set Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election in stone.

Tuesday’s deadline for county election officials comes after a two-month window where those who signed the recall petition were allowed to have their signatures removed.

The big question that remains is when the election will actually take place. There are still a couple of steps to go before the date is announced, which officials expect to happen soon.

A spokesperson for the Department of Finance told FOX40 Tuesday the department is still waiting to get the official notification from the secretary of state’s office that sets a 30-day clock for the department to analyze the cost.

The department has not said how much of that time it will use.

The department has already submitted an unofficial cost estimate to the legislature so the election can be paid for with this year’s state budget.

Legislative leaders have already set aside that money in the state budget and said they don’t need their own 30-day period to review costs, which will help speed up the process.

While some Democratic lawmakers push for an election date as soon as late August, some local elections leaders sent a letter to the lieutenant governor urging a date no sooner than September 14 to give them time to work out logistics like polling centers and printing ballots.

Meanwhile, Republican recall candidates hoping to replace Newsom aren’t waiting to hit the campaign trail.

Former Olympian and reality tv star Caitlyn Jenner released a new ad Tuesday, adult film star Mary Carey announced she’s kicking off her campaign in Washington D.C. at the end of this week and former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer made a stop in San Francisco.

As candidates and the governor himself aim to grab the attention of voters, all eyes are on the secretary of state to officially kick off the recall election.