Foresthill residents, travelers rely on community as storm issues persist


FORESTHILL, Calif. (KTXL) — The record-breaking storm is dumping snow in lower elevations and leaving many in the dark. 

PG&E crews are working to restore power in Foresthill. Meanwhile, residents are using machines and manpower to clear feet of snow. 

Dave Tachera said he couldn’t use a snow blower because all the snow that fell from his roof is too compact. His home that has been there since the 1880s is buried, and it’s not easy work changing that. 

At Foresthill Veterans Memorial Hall, a room became a charging station for electronics and a place to stay warm for residents. 

“Just part of what we do in the community,” volunteer Debbie Sanchez said. 

But without power, letting people know about the help has taken an old-school approach. 

“Just word of mouth,” Sanchez said. 

Nearby, those who do not live in the area are taking advantage of all the fresh, low-elevation power. It’s great for parents who don’t want to push their luck by traveling further east on Interstate 80. 

“They are having a blast,” mother Mary Costa said. 

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