GREENVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Residents of Greenville in Plumas County are being asked to boil water before drinking it or using it to prepare food due to a loss of water pressure in the local water system. 

According to a notice issued Monday from the Indian Valley Community Services District (IVCSD), the affected area includes “all of Greenville, California receiving water from the IVCSD.”

The notice was sent out by IVSCD, the State Water Resources Control Board and the Plumas County Health Department. 

The notice advises that the water issue is expected to be resolved within 48 hours and it also provides instructions for properly boiling water or using unscented liquid bleach in order to make the water safe enough to drink, be used for food or for brushing teeth.

How to properly boil water

The notice advises that water should not be drunk without first being boiled. 

According to the notice, water needs to be brought to a “rolling boil” for one complete minute, then allowed to cool before drinking. 

Boiling the water “kills bacteria and other organisms” that are in the water, according to the IVCSD. 

Using unscented liquid bleach or disinfection tablets

The IVCSD notice also advises that household unscented liquid bleach can be used if the water is not able to be boiled. 

The instructions list that, for clear water, eight drops (½ tablespoon) of bleach is necessary for one gallon of water. 

Cloudy water should first be filtered through a clean cloth and then be mixed with 16 drops (¼ tablespoon) of bleach for each gallon of water. 

After mixing the bleach in, the water should be allowed to stand for 30 minutes before the water is consumed. The IVCSD advises that the water may taste or smell like chlorine, but that this means disinfection has occurred. 

The IVCSD advises that, if a resident should use water disinfection tablets, to please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.