Health experts warn of heat exhaustion, illness amid triple-digit temperatures


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The triple-digit weather will continue into the weekend, and officials are hoping people stay indoors near an air conditioning unit instead of venturing out.

Taking a dip in the American River, friends Tyler Kiser and Nick Campos are doing whatever they can to escape the triple digits.

“It’s a lot better than being in the heat,” Kiser said.

“I prefer the water,” Campos said. “It kind of felt like an oven; it was really hot.”

With the blistering heat through the weekend, officials are hoping people are prepared. Sacramento Metro Fire Battalion Chief Chris Vestal says even though it sounds simple, it’s important to stay hydrated.

“If you are going to do any extraneous activity, even if it’s indoors where you do your workout or anything that might be extraneous you have to replace that fluid,” Vestal said. “If you don’t have to be outside this heat, try not to.”

While the heat can impact people in different ways, health and safety officials say to keep an eye on each other, especially kids.

“Kids can heat up three to five times faster than adults, which means that they are more prone to heat reaction,” said Dr. Kylie Abeson with UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Abeson says to watch out for illnesses like heat exhaustion.

“That’s where folks start experiencing the similar cramps, but at that time, they might have a fever up to 102° Fahrenheit,” Dr. Abeson said. “They might start experiencing some dizziness, fainting, passing out, nausea, vomiting. Those are signs that the heat is too much for your body.”

And if someone you know has a heat stroke, call 911 and try to cool the person down.

As some areas could lose power, officials recommend using curtains to block the sun to keep your house cool and taking cool showers, but it all goes back to one thing.

“Absolutely be hydrated; water is going to be your best friend,” Dr. Abeson said.

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