SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As monkeypox cases rise across the state, health officials are making sure people who are most at risk get the vaccine as soon as possible.

State health officials held a teleconference Friday reiterating how the monkeypox virus is transmitted and said they are seeing a rise in cases involving same-sex couples.

“California has reported 2,660 probable or confirmed monkeypox cases, from 36 local health jurisdictions,” Dr. Tomas Aragon said.

And 110 of those cases come from Sacramento County. Aragon with the California Department of Public Health said vaccinations are still a top priority.

“The vaccine continues to be in high demand, and we continue to prioritize doses for individuals who have been exposed, those of high risk of exposure, and lab individuals who handle monkeypox specimens,” Aragon said.

With a majority of these cases happening in men, Aragon said the focus has turned to the LGBTQ community.

“We remain committed to reducing stigma among the LGBTQ community which has been disproportionally impacted by monkeypox,” Aragon said.

The LGBT community center in Sacramento is one of the locations where the monkeypox vaccine is being offered. The staff there said it’s their goal to make sure people have support and resources during this time.

“We have support groups for groups that may be at risk. We have support groups for men who have sex with men, for Latinx individuals, and for people of color. We have various support groups,” Director of Advocacy and Training Alexis Sanchez said. 

Aragon echoed that sentiment.

“No single individual or community is to blame for the spread of any virus,” Aragon said.

And when it comes to the vaccine, Sanchez said the community center has been a popular place for many people within Sacramento.

“Our attendance has been very phenomenal. I think our center accounts for the vast majority of vaccinations that happen in the area just because we’re easily assessable,” Sanchez said.

As of this moment, the state has distributed more than 66,000 vials of the vaccine to local health departments and clinics and continues to do so.

California has updated guidelines on isolation and quarantine. If you do get monkeypox, stay home until the lesions are fully healed.

For a full list of protocols, click or tap here.